U-PVC、C-PVC Pipe production line


The line is mainly used in producing CPVC and UPVC pipe When changing the mold ,it can produce intemalscrew silencing pipe.Two extruders cooperating can produce core-layer foamed silencing pipe.The pipe is widely used in suppling,launching and draining,and cable conduit of wire communicate 1on in architecture.

Main Technical Parameters:

参数\型号 Model                 SJGF80 SJGF160 SJGF250 SJGF400
生产管材最大直径 Max OD(mm) φ80 φ160 φ250 φ400
最大生产能力 output(kg/h) 70 120 230 350
机组总功率 power(kw) 65 100 150 180
机组外形尺寸 dimension(mm) 141000*1200*1600 16000*1200*1800 22000*1500*1800 30000*1500*1800
重量 weight(kg) 2500 3500 6800 9000